We offer a full line of superior quality landscape lighting products. Fixtures made of solid bronze and copper withstand the test of time and weather by incorporating old world style and craftsmanship with modern technology. Landscape lighting provides safety, security and beauty for your home at night and throughout the whole year. Before a lighting system is installed at your home, we take the time to study your property and design a plan using the proper fixtures and placement so the end result is nothing short of magnificent. Landscape lighting, when installed correctly, is not intended to overpower and cause your home to look like a stadium at night! It is the subtle, more subdued approach that creates the dramatic feel for your home!! By strategically placing fixtures around key points of your landscape, we can create beautiful dramatic and shadow effects that you will be able to enjoy for the life of your home! This proper form of lighting also allows guests to safely navigate their way through perhaps those darker areas that otherwise would be difficult to see. In addition, landscape lighting also serves as a wonderful deterrent to intruders without the use of blinding flood lights and other methods! As a result, you can feel confident knowing your lighting system is serving multiple purposes while it beautifies your home at night!

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